3 home design ideas that never go out of style

(NC) Making design choices for your home can be enjoyable and exciting. But as fun as following interior and exterior trends can be, it’s normal to wonder if your choices will stand the test of time. Here are three ideas you can incorporate into various design styles that you won’t have to regret.

1. Clean lines
Whether hard edges or soft curves, clean lines are classic and will never not look good. Many of the most popular and established design styles incorporate such simple, elegant contours — from geometric art deco to sleek contemporary to stark minimalism.

Indoors, you can look for modern, low-profile furniture. If you want something a bit warmer and more inviting, incorporate some gentle curves around the home to break up those straight lines. Outdoors, take out busy landscaping and avoid added trim like gables. A simple layout and roofline speak for themselves and will hold their own in the future.

2. Tints of white
Although all-white kitchens may be as trendy as they were a few years ago, white looks remain a great bet. White evokes a sense of calm and freshness and allows features or accessories take centre stage around the home. Cooler white tints were dominant for many years, but warmer, creamier shades of white are rising in popularity. The endless variations available in just about any material from stone to paint ensure you’ll find a white tone that works well in your space, inside or out.

3. Natural elements
Colours, materials and textures from nature, such as rattan or wicker furniture, provide an inviting sense of balance and have been popular in home design for centuries. Think of wooden details in Victorian homes or the ancient Greek and Roman use of stone. Stone veneer options like Shouldice Designer Stone are a durable and practical way to achieve the a beautiful stone look. Mixing the stone with other natural materials and textures like glass, wood and metal makes for timeless yet on-trend style.

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