6 ways to prepare your home for spring thaw

(NC) As the weather warms it’s important to make sure that the change in seasons does not cause damage to our homes.

Protecting your home, especially during spring runoff, requires a bit of foresight, planning and support.

Here are six tips presented by TD Insurance that will help you take preventative measures.

  1. Check your eaves and downspouts. Ensure the downspouts extend away from your foundation to allow the water to drain away from your home and out toward the backyard, back lane or street.
  2. Inspect the grounds. Check to see if driveways, sidewalks, decks, around your basement and patios have the appropriate grading to direct water away from your home. Check your basement for any foundation cracks and have those repaired to avoid ongoing seepage or a sudden entrance of water.
  3. A functioning sump pump can prevent flooding in your home so be sure to check that it is in working order. Consider adding back-up battery power so that your sump pump continues to work in the event of an electricity outage. If you live in an area prone to flooding and you don’t already have a sump pump installed it may be something to consider.
  4. Consider installing a backflow valve. In the event of a main sewer backup, backflow valves will automatically close to prevent water and sewage from entering your home. Backflow valves are to be installed on your basement sewer connections and are a good preventative measure.
  5. While home insurance policies cover an array of scenarios from system ruptures to different types of water escapes, you may need additional coverage based on where you live and your exposure to water. Extended Water Damage Coverage and Above Ground Water Coverage are additional insurance options meant to further protect homeowners from water entering the home from the exterior.
  6. You can also take precautionary measures inside your home by not storing important documents and water-sensitive valuables like artwork, collectables or rugs in the basement in case there is a flood.

Home insurance can cover you in case there is damage to your home during the spring thaw. Take some time to review your insurance policy or talk to an insurance advisor to make sure your coverage fits your needs. If you are a TD Insurance customer, you can review your coverage details directly from their app.

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