Designing for wellness: Personalize your space to prioritize your mind

(NC) A new season brings new beginnings and positive transformations. Colour and design expert, Sharon Grech, shares three tips for using colour within your space to adjust the mood and prioritize your enjoyment in every space you create.

Optimize the psychology of colour
We all know how important it is to make a good first impression, so why not extend this to the feel of your home? Ensure your guests are filled with a welcoming and comfortable energy the moment they walk in by applying colours that will boost the atmosphere of your communal spaces. For your entry way, kitchen and dining room, Grech recommends uplifting yellows and understated, elegant browns such as Wenge AF-180.

“These colours not only provide a warm, balanced and inviting interior, but they can increase feelings of happiness and relaxation,” says Grech. For a durable, washable finish in kitchen and communal areas she suggests using Regal Select interior paint which includes stain-release technology.

Paint for productivity
As many of us continue to work remotely, it makes sense to pay attention to how colour impacts our productivity. “Incorporate colours that inspire, support focus and reduce stress in your workspace such as deep shades of blue like Old Navy 2063-10. Employ red hues in accents or accessories to stimulate creativity and boost energy in your space,” says Grech.

Calm your mind before bed 
While we often paint our bedrooms for an appealing appearance, it’s worth considering the impact colour can have on our mood and sleep. Ensure your bedroom is a comforting and calming sanctuary by choosing hues of lilac and purple for mental calm. To be at the forefront of colour trends, try incorporating New Age 1444, a soft and ethereal light purple grounded by a drop of gray, or use warm shades of pink and brown for relaxation.

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