Top tips for newcomer success

(NC) Newcomers play a critical role in the social and economic development of Canada, but many struggle to access the resources and advice needed to find their footing and thrive in their new home country – such as professional networks or in-language support and advice.

Your bank might not be the first place that comes to mind when looking for support on everything from housing to jobs. But thanks to people like Heidi Hemdan – once a newcomer herself – this is exactly what you might find.

“As a newcomer, it’s extremely helpful to have access to a team of people that are able to provide unique support, guidance and relevant resources based on your experience and language skills,” says Heidi Hemdan, branch manager at RBC and a leader of one of RBC’s Newcomer Advisor Teams. “One of the special things about our team is that we are all newcomers ourselves, who intimately understand the obstacles faced.”

Moving to another country and arriving without credit or a local reference meant it was challenging for Heidi to get a lease on an apartment or trying to find a job – facets many newcomers struggle with. But, as a Heidi learned during her journey, there are a few tips for success to help newcomers settle in sooner:

  • Research your resources – There are lots of resources available both online and when you land to help you get settled and it’s important to know about them before arriving. Working abroad or traveling is very different from living in a new country.
  • Set realistic goals – Be flexible and ready to pivot. For example, credentials from one country may not be applicable elsewhere. Use what transferable skills you have to get started and learn more about the new environment you’re in.
  • Network, network, network – Develop your own personal brand and advertise your skills to help you move forward in your goals, whether it’s in your career or life.

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